It’s all about relationships! My passion is helping all members of the supply chain reach their potential and increase their revenues. I am grateful to those who have agreed to give a word about their experience.

“When selecting a friend or business partner to engage with, I focus on one key factor–character. The foundation of a person is his/her character and core beliefs. I have found Anthony Totta to be a man of character. Anthony is a man of exemplary integrity and is well respected in the produce industry. His knowledge of the industry is vast and his relationship with individuals in the industry is extensive. Mr. Totta is a true industry partner and leader of the produce industry.”

 Ryan Talley
Talley Farms, Arroyo Grande, CA

Anthony knows produce! Anthony’s expertise in produce quality, handling, merchandising and profits is surpassed only by his enthusiasm to create the finest of programs. He is truly a master of his art.”

Loran Hinds
Affiliated Foods, St. Joseph, MO

“Seldom in this industry do you find a professional that can truly deliver on all promises made when pursuing business. Anthony Totta is one of those individuals. Anthony’s team of professionals deliver!”

Maurice Totty
Director Produce Sales
FAC Food Logistics

“I worked with Anthony on marketing projects when I represented the Midwest for “The Produce News,” a national business publication for the produce industry. Anthony was a joy to work with. He was very creative and came up with some wonderful advertising campaigns and marketing strategies. He’s very direct but friendly in his approach and knew his business well. He is a true professional in the industry.”

Cindy Long
The Produce News 

“I have known Anthony for 20 years and consider him a friend as much as an indispensable business colleague. Anthony’s knowledge of the business is very deep and broad, his varied experiences provide him with a unique perspective. He is a true gentleman who always displays respect and professionalism for everyone he interacts with.”

Keith Frosceno
VP Produce Floral

“Anthony’s character traits are uncompromising and his knowledge of the produce industry is extensive.”

David Stornetta 

“Anthony makes things happen. I have followed Anthony’s career choices over the years, and without a doubt, he has distinguished himself by demonstrating his innovation in the dynamic produce industry. He turns good ideas into reality.”

Mary Sanburn

“I’ve known, worked alongside and have been in the trenches with Anthony for 10+ years. He has always demonstrated an amazingly creative and expert knowledge of the produce industry to me. Tapping into his expertise would benefit anyone who can use an inspirational boost. Anthony is an outstanding family man, has impeccable character and always gives 100% to whatever he is working on. Anthony continues to inspire and challenge me to do better and I’m confident he’ll do the same for you too.”

Roger Plank
National Graphic Packaging Sales
DeLine Box & Display

“It is my honor to recommend Anthony Totta whom I have worked on various projects in the produce industry since 1995. Anthony is a very qualified marketing professional, He always has his clients’ best interests at heart. You may be sure Anthony’s moral character is of the highest order.”

Eric Nieman
Associate Publisher, Produce Business
Perishablepundit.com and PerishableNews.com

“I have witnessed Anthony’s negotiation skills in transactions that would not have closed but for his capacity to assist each party in understanding the details and working through the issues. His dealings with all parties are always conducted with honesty and confidentiality. His skill in working with other professionals and building everyone involved in the transaction into a team to accomplish the job is exceptional.”

Tony Merola
Executive Chef
Merola Marketing Group, Inc.

“I have known Anthony for over thirty years and have worked closely with him in several capacities throughout our careers. The quintessential essence of his success, besides his complete understanding of this industry, is his ability to build relationships and maintain them. If I were to sum up his resume in just a few words, Integrity, Knowledge, Passion, and Commitment come to mind first and would best describe him. I consider it an honor to do business with him.”

Phillip Pisciotta,
Pisciotta Fruit and Vegetable Co.

“Simply put-when it comes to retail marketing of produce Anthony Totta gets it. Over the years, Anthony has proven himself day in and day out to his customers and to the industry. By combining multiple profiles in his “A Team” Anthony has created a network second to none. Mr. Totta’s expertise may appear to be produce marketing but his real strength might be in putting people in a position to succeed. When you work with Anthony-you will “Grow Your Profits!’”

Bob Driggers
VP Sales
Cardinal Fresh and Associates

“It has been a pleasure to work with Anthony Totta over the past two years. He has a high level of commitment to his clients, his FreshXperts partners, and his employees. If you are looking for someone who provides strong leadership, innovative ideas, and an unmatched knowledge of the produce industry, you will find these qualities, and more, in Mr. Anthony Totta.”

Laura Grahan
Executive Assistant
Grow My Profits/FreshXperts LLC

“Working with Anthony over the past six years has always been a pleasure. He has had exceptional integrity and thoughtfulness in all our business dealings. I look forward to our continued collaboration.”

Marsha Wooten
Central Sales Manager
The Produce News 

“Anthony is a detailed organized person that works hard for his clients. He is dedicated to excellence and has the drive to win at any project that he encounters.”

Chuck Sinks
Vice President
Dole Food Company 

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Anthony as a member of the FreshXperts Group. Anthony is one of the most insightful and perceptive leaders in the industry. His ability to think strategically yet act with clear and expert organized excellence is unmatched. Anthony’s expertise in operations, sustainability and the overall health and growth of the produce industry easily lends itself easily to other verticals and his vast knowledge facilitates extreme success for all companies in which he collaborates. Anthony’s level headed, yet innovative style commands respect and allows clients to feel at ease and in good hands, setting the stage for explosive growth and road mapping for success. ”

Heidi Chapnick
Channalysis, LLC 

“Anthony epitomizes what a consultant should be. His knowledge, expertise and breadth of experience are tremendous assets to his teams and clients. More than that, Anthony is a true leader with integrity and a great sense of humor who manages with not only the success of the project in mind but the team as a whole. Working with Anthony is a truly rewarding experience.”

Jelger de Vriend
Managing Director
Innovative Fresh BV

“I am always impressed by the intensity of Anthony’s devotion to client service, and to helping clients build sustainable profitability. He has an excellent network that enables him to build rich solutions and a top-to-bottom knowledge of supply-chain management.”

Jonathan Whitehead
Law Offices of Jonathan R. Whitehead 

“I have known Anthony from both a personal and professional level for the past ten years. In 2007 the company with who I was then engaged employed Anthony’s services to assist us with re-defining our corporate scope and strategy. His creative and holistic viewpoints, drawn from his vast produce experience proved to be an exceptional investment. I am most impressed with unique abilities to listen attentively, sort though what is and what is not relevant, and then seed and stimulate the corporate team into a consensus. Anthony will definitely add value to both your corporate and personal culture.”

Don Walborn

“Anthony has been great to work with the past year, he has developed an outstanding organization of consultants that are experts in their respective fields. I look forward to continuing and expanding our working relationship to support each other in our business endeavors.”

Jennifer Splittorff
Promotional Advertising Specialist
The Vernon Company 

“Anthony is a very intelligent, experienced, and passionate professional. He understands the complexities involved to build successful produce companies and his keen eye for uncovering ways to improve business profits is second to none. Anthony also is a great motivator and he has a human spirit that is unique and welcomed at all levels. To have Mr. Totta involved in your business it is more than an asset. He is a quality person and is unselfish in sharing the wisdom to those who seek vision for improving people and business relationships.”

James Barajas
Consultant for Marketing & Sales
Food Moves Inc.

“Anthony is a professional with outstanding ability to establish relationships with a people of diverse personalities; his knowledge of the produce industry is excellent with innovative merchandising ideas; he values the grower’s position in the supply chain recommending tactics and strategies to improve returns; and finally, Anthony is diligent staying on task with integrity.”

John Shelford
Shelford Consulting

“Anthony Totta understands marketing and business strategy far beyond its application to the produce industry. He is able to develop and apply creative ideas and solutions within the context of practical application.”

Adam Anderson and Max Hobbs
Founders of Cali International, LLC

“I have had the pleasure of both working with Anthony Totta (in the produce business), and being a friend of Anthony’s for many years. Anthony gives his “all” to whatever situation is placed in front of him.  He works endlessly to bring a challenge to fruition.  He is an honest Christian, God-Fearing man, and God is his guide regardless of the situation. He stands for what is right and is able to separate the reasonable from the unreasonable in any life/business situation.

Anthony’s business sense and knowledge of business is an absolute untarnished attribute of his character and road in life whether it be business or personal endeavors. There is a saying that reminds me of Anthony:  There are people in this world who “Watch Things Happen”, then there are people in this world who “Talk About Things Happening”, then there are the people who “Make Things Happen”!  Anthony is in the group that “Make Things Happen”, regardless of any obstacles that are thrown his way!

I am very fortunate to have worked with Anthony as well as have Anthony as a friend.”

Jenelda R. Woolery
Larsen Farms co-worker

“I have known Anthony Totta for almost 15 years and always found him to be very dedicated to the produce industry and companies he is associated in doing business with. He is passionate about contributing value to the industry with his vast knowledge and experience over the years. Mr. Totta is more than an industry associate, he is also a good friend.”

Ron Pelger
RonProCon Power-Produce 

“Anthony Totta is one of the finest men I have met in the produce business. Anthony brings to the table a rare combination of in-depth produce industry knowledge (retail, wholesale, foodservice, production), insightful marketing savvy, complete integrity and honesty to a level rare in today’s workplace. He is a kind and gentle soul who treats people of all stations in life with equal respect. I am a better person when I get to spend time around him.”

Chuck Sweeney
Director of Category Development
Driscoll Strawberry Associates, Inc.